Recent Works:

Here are the most recent projects I have produced. These are typically electronically composed, but often times have acoustic instruments later being recorded to complete the sound, adding texture and realism that electronic sounds lack.


Intuition is a 150-track piece at its completion. Composition took place in November 2014, with recording from December 7th 2014 - Janurary 24th 2015. Mixing and Mastering continued until a few minutes before its release on April 14th. This piece was submitted to the Electronic Composition Contest currently being held by NAfME. Many of these sounds were developed by me for this piece, however, I must thank Sean Penzo (cello), and David Millen (guitar).



"The Leaf"

"The Leaf” is a piece written for piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, and upright bass. The instrumentation is tightly intertwined with the concepts of the piece.


Cinematic Music

The Fall: A piece of music selected to be 'showcased' at the NYSSMA 19th Annual Composition Showcase.

The Citizen Episode 5: This is a sample of the soundtrack to the 5th Episode of "The Citizen" featuring a mellow 'home theme', followed by rising suspense, a car chase, and finally a grief-stricken reprise of the 'home theme'. Watch the episode here.

Full Portfolio

Other works that you may find interesting.

Mikro Disko


A jazzy set of chords, upbeat tempo, and pumping synths are all part of Mikro Disko.


A piece of music selected to be 'showcased' at the NYSSMA 18th Annual Composition Showcase. The Music represents the story of a fall in world government. The government tries and fails to maintain control. Extra-terrestrial life soon makes contact and offers new technology to make life easier. The main character is running away from government officials, using new technology provided by the ETs. There are sections where the character is wonderstruck by the appearance of the aliens and the power of this new technology. The government is still desperately trying to keep control of a uneasy and violent population, some of which is empowered by the new technology. The story goes on and on; the future is unresolved and a mystery.

Hobin Studios

Hobin Studios Website: Link.


Tryx Rock Band Website: Link.

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